Thursday, February 7, 2013

Techniques in 3D Animation of Mechanical Parts

The 3D animation of mechanical parts is one of the effective tools that are being used to exhibit the dynamic behavior of all the constituent parts.

It is very necessary to understand the interrelation and the functioning of the individual parts of any mechanical assembly in the mechanical design phases. This is because; a thorough understanding of the all-round parameters can ensure an accurate physical mechanical model.

The two important things to consider in the whole mechanical modeling process are the configuration of the individual components within the mechanical assembly and the study of the functional interaction between the parts. The animation tools are really helpful in illustrating all the above details.

Process of 3D Animation of Mechanical Parts:
  • Development of 2D sketches: Depending upon the required geometry and the established specifications, the two dimensional rough sketches of the mechanical parts and assemblies are first developed by the drafters.
  • Conversion of 2D sketches to 3D models: With the help of the mechanical modeling software, the sketches are being converted into three dimensional images for a better representation and understanding.
  • Analysis of the shape: Certain technical procedures are being undertaken so as to analysis the mechanical shapes, so as to prepare them for motion illustration.
  • Adding motion to the shapes: After the individual shapes are evaluated, the mechanical illustrators and animators impart stroboscopic effects to the shapes in order to make them realistic and lively.

Creating the Mechanical Animation Services is a complex process and it requires a fundamental expertise on the part of the mechanical designer. Before taking a single step in the animation, the designer needs to understand the working relationships of the mechanical parts and the functional goal of the finalized mechanical assembly. 

This is known as the motion analysis or the interaction analysis. This technique is very helpful in determining as how a part corresponds during the full functioning of the mechanical assembly. 

With the help of the computer aided design techniques, the individualistic response of the specific parts can be checked and modified as per the desired outcomes.

They make use of the specialized software tools such as SoildWorks Motion Simulation, 3D Max and AutoCAD etc. to create the 3D animation of mechanical parts and in this way, help the clients to visualize the final product efficiently.

Mechanical Engineering Drawings offer CAD Drafting and design services, Animation Services and Finite Elemental Analysis Services.

Nikunj Patel

Nikunj Patel is an Engineering Consultant at Mechanical Engineering Drawings (MED). The MED is an India based Mechanical Design and Engineering Service Provider firm. Nikunj is expert in mechanical design, mechanical drafting and mechanical 3D modeling.

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